Regulatory and accreditation body paper 1

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Regulatory and Accreditation

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1 Regulating Access to Genetic Testing

Regulatory And Accreditation Body Paper 1  Regulatory and Accreditation Body Vincent Kennedy HSN/ May 17, Mary Goetteman Introduction Regulatory and Accreditation Body Higher education institutions that provide educational programs consistent with regulatory and accreditation practices guiding each program.

Regulating Access to Genetic Testing. The Commonwealth government recognises NATA as the sole national accreditation body for establishing competent laboratory practice.

[4] Review of the Pathology Services Accreditation Act Discussion Paper (), Department of Health and Human Services (Vic). In practice, in health care, accreditation is frequently so essential that many accreditation requirements have the same power as regulations.

In this paper, regulation and accreditation will be discussed together and contrasted with other strategies for improving quality and safety. Recommendation 11–1 In order to complement existing pathology laboratory accreditation arrangements, the Commonwealth, States and Territories should enact legislation to require laboratories to: (a) be accredited for any genetic test that they conduct for medical, diagnostic or treatment purposes; and (b) comply with the relevant accreditation standards.

Regulatory and Accreditation Body Paper _____ 1) Investigate one regulatory (Florida Board of Nursing) and one accrediting (ACEN) body pertinent to the faculty role in a higher education setting.

FDA Recognizes a Fourth Accreditation Body Under FSMA’s VQIP

2) Prepare a 1,word paper identifying the purpose and scope of these bodies in institutions in higher education. POSITION PAPER REGULATORY RELIEF FOR ACCREDITATION APRIL The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) is a national, nongovernmental The purpose of this CHEA Position Paper is to offer proposals for sub-regulatory guidance, acknowledging that the major challenge is at the regulatory/sub-regulatory levels.

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Regulatory and accreditation body paper 1
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