Why write a spiritual autobiography

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How to Write a Spiritual Autobiography

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Autobiography of Swami Sivananda

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Writing a spiritual autobiography is difficult -- it takes patience, attention to detail and a willingness to bare your heart to others. It is also therapeutic and can help you learn about yourself. Prepare all of your writing materials and plan your overall writing process.

One of the more common methods of spiritual autobiography is the question and answer method, which has proven questions that are designed to reveal patterns and common themes in a person’s life. The responses to the question form the core of a narrative which becomes the autobiography.

The challenge of writing a spiritual autobiography is to format it in a chronological order. So often the desire is to tell the most important or meaningful stories first, but that’s not how an autobiography works. You’re on a journey. Spiritual Autobiography Guidelines In order to transform a personal or professional experience into spiritual insight and understanding it is necessary to gain some perspective the writing of one’s spiritual autobiography can cover your entire life, or you can select several significant experiences and write about them in detail.

In our faith community, we have the practice of sharing our spiritual autobiograph once when we come into the church. Since many of us haven't shared our spiritual autobiography in many yers, we are now going though our.

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Deborah is available to lead workshops and retreats and six week classes in your church or organization. She is also eager to help you if you want to enhance or deepen your writing, or deepen further your understanding and self awareness.

Why write a spiritual autobiography
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