Write aside cache

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Cache-Aside pattern

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Citrix Provisioning – Create Devices

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I'm not sure how much relevance this has to your question, but to answer your 2nd part, yes, hard-drives have their own internal hardware cache - usually 2, 8, 16, 32 or recently 64 megabytes.

Aside from that, Windows has a feature called Disk Write Caching which may help you. It can be enabled/disabled on a per-drive basis doing the following.

Learn about Azure Redis Cache, a fully managed, open source-compatible in-memory data storing service that powers fast, high-performing applications, with valuable features that include built-in reliability, unmatched security, and flexible scaling.

tl;dr If you need to speed up your c# application you probably need to add caching, and the easiest way to do that is use the source library I wrote called LazyCache. Do I need to cache? How to monitor Azure Redis Cache.

07/13/; 9 minutes to read Contributors. In this article. Azure Redis Cache uses Azure Monitor to provide several options for monitoring your cache instances. You can view metrics, pin metrics charts to the Startboard, customize the date and time range of monitoring charts, add and remove metrics from.

With the cache-aside pattern, application code uses the cache directly. This means that application code which accesses the system-of-record (SoR) should consult the cache first, and if the cache contains the data, then return the data directly from the cache, bypassing the SoR.

The figure illustrates using the Cache-Aside pattern to store data in the cache. If an application updates information, it can follow the write-through strategy by making the modification to the data store, and by invalidating the corresponding item in the cache.

Write aside cache
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